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Meet Beacon: Your New Goal & Daily Planner

Designed to help you manage all aspects of your life from goal setting, to wellness, daily tasks and reflections.

Achieve Balanced Productivity

You are more than just your professional goals! Beacon is designed to promote a balanced approach to productivity: keeping your health, relationships and leisure top of mind.

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Monthly Calendars

Goal Planner

Task Lists

Daily Plans & Notes

Meet Your New Favorite Planning Duo

Annual Goal Workbook

Kick off the year by identifying your top priorities in our Annual Goal Workbook. In addition to the goal setting pages, the workbook includes calendar and note spreads. When you're finished, simply tuck it away in the front pocket of your 90-day planner and refer back to it throughout the year as you need it.

90-Day Planner

Throughout the year use our 90-day planners to break down your goals into an actionable daily plan. These planners include daily spreads, a running task list, quarterly reflections and blank notes pages. As you puchase you next 90-day planners you can even mix up your colors to get that new planner feel!

Take A Peek Inside

Our goal setting and daily planning framework helps you focus on the most important areas of your life so you can achieve the balanced lifestyle you desire.

Identify Your Goals

Our goal setting workbooks includes reflection pages to identify the areas of your life where you would like to focus on improvement.

Build Out A Plan

Each month you build out a roadmap to success by reviewing your annual goals and deciding what actionable steps you want to take to make progress.

Make the Most of Each Day

Our daily spreads help you track key tasks for the day and wellness habits such as exercise and gratitude.

Take Time to Reflect

Each week you have an opportunity to identify what is working and not working towards achieving your goals.