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5 Features You'll Love In the Beacon Planning System

There's so many reasons we think you'll love Beacon!
Here's an overview of some of our favorite features.

Annual Goal Planning + Daily Spreads

The Beacon Annual re(Set) includes our annual Goal Planner where you can identify your focus areas for the year and our Quarterly Planner where you write out daily plans and notes. Our Goal Planner fits snuggly inside the Quarterly planner so you can always have both with you. And to make things even better, we’ve included monthly calendar spreads in our Goal Planner, so you never have to re-write important dates and events.

Change Your Style Throughout the Year

Who doesn’t love switching out their planner? A new planner color or design can be just the spark you need to get motivated. We wanted to create a guilt-free, non-wasteful way of doing this throughout the year. At the end of the quarter, simply purchase your next Quarterly Beacon Planner and place your Annual Goal planner inside. You can pick a new color or keep it consistent throughout the year, whatever your heart desires! We’ve even made the Goal Planner a neutral color so it can easily match any style.

Map Out Your Month

In each Quarterly Planner we’ve included three Goal Roadmap spreads. In these spreads you can map out the progress you want to make toward each of your annual goals during the month. You can also track any new daily habits that you want to introduce.

Track All Of Your Tasks

So many little things pop up throughout the week: errands to run, paperwork to submit, and new ideas to try. Because of this, we wanted each Quarterly Planner to include a place to put all your ad-hoc tasks and ideas. Our Running Task Lists have space to jot down the task and a target completion date.

Healthy Habits Reminders

In each weekly planning spread there is a section to set your intentions for the week, including how many days you want to follow your morning routine and exercise, your most important tasks to complete, and a personal connection you want to spend time with. Each daily page includes a section to plan or document your exercise for the day, how much water you have had, and a personal highlight to reflect on.